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So, has your soul opened?

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You Are Allowed, Life Is A Gift Front Cover

You Are Allowed, Life Is A Gift Back Cover

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Your own greatness will unveil, when you let your Soul to shines.

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You Are Allowed, Life Is A Gift

Ponder This:

“If you believe your destination,

you become your goal.”

Torry Fountinhead 2004

You Are Allowed, Life Is A Gift

“The Statements”, here there are appearing as the chapter names, but in reality – they are statements of Truth that should be acknowledged, and understood.

Unfortunately, a too large number of people do not even know it while, others might even go so far as to dispute them and thus, create suffering for themselves, or others.

Our minds are capable to discern the Truth if faced with a statement, or a question, because it is the nature of our mind to explore.

Many a times, people would rather not deal with such truths, but by doing thus, they are limiting themselves, and their lives. In addition, they then also limit other in their environment.

The first step is to wake up from any and all trances induced by your own, or society’s limiting belief systems, and look at your life.

Exercise your innate gift of exploration, be courageous, and face it – you would only gain joy and freedom from it.

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